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Contact Center Solutions

  • Sterling Telecomm Systems provides effective and efficient one-stop solution for all your contact centre needs. The solutions enhance monitoring capabilities and control communication cost. Overall suite of solutions offers high ROI Rate, elevated standards of customer satisfaction and increase in agent productivity.
  • Our company offers you customized solutions as per the needs and requirements of your contact center.
  • Many Businesses consider Customer Satisfaction & Customer Loyalty as vital to their business.
  • This can be achieved by knowing your customer well and reducing the Service time or Wait time. Alongside, businesses also have to take care of their budgets, Resources, training & ROI. So it becomes a tug of war between managing costs, quality of communication and ensuring customer's satisfaction.

Auto, Preview, Progressive and Predictive. These dialers address needs of different segments of industry. They are capable of dialing list of numbers automatically or at scheduled time and capable of transferring calls to respective destination automatically. The deployment involves customizations when it comes to integrating functionality with customer's database.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response
Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad. IVR systems can be used to control almost any function where the interface can be broken down into a series of simple menu choices. Uses pre-recorded voice prompts and menus for presenting information and options to caller's Touch-tone telephone keypad entry will gather the responses.

Voice Logger
Voice Logger is a tool for recording conversations / interactions. A voice logger is an integral part of any communication system and can store voice files in multiple formats. Depending on the nature of business, there can be various reasons for maintaining call records. Voice Logger is a user friendly, easily installable and low maintenance product which can be integrated with any PBX / Voice Server using either Analog or PRI Trunks.

Plantronic Headsets for Agents/Operators

Plantronic Headsets are premier choice of call centers in which the environment may have more noise and users require the elimination of background disturbance and the enhancement of a caller's voice.

Audio Conference Bridge (Meet-Me Conference)
Audio Conference Bridge offers an excellent solution to enable users situated at different locations to interact in a conference mode, share information and make informed decisions. The application can use different trunks such as PRI or Analog Trunks or even SIP trunks.

The suite comprises of two applications Server Web Console application for System administrator
* System administrator can schedule, view and control conference through the console application.
* Can control the conference by doing Mute/ Un-mute/ Disconnect / Redial participants from active conference.
* Can dial any other number (not registered with the system) and join him on the active conference.